Giving Enough Information in your Press Release


When writing a press release, you need to include background information, facts and details that journalists can craft a full story – but it doesn’t mean that you need to fit in all in your press release.

Your press release is YOUR story. It should provide supporting documents, information and multimedia as attachments. [Tweet This]

It’s important though that you ensure that your press release does not lack quality content. It is easy to give journalists more information, but avoid the use of duplicate contact. The quality of the information in your press release reflects on your company’s reputation.

Start with the details after the first paragraph. Use the first paragraph to tug the audience in and make them want to read more of your press release. After you’ve hooked your readers/journalists in, you need to ensure you expand on your details while still keeping it brief. 


Tip: Using bullet points can make it easier for journalists to understand the key points of your story. Remember, they can always contact you for more information to expand on a point. 

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