Finding the Right Angle


When speaking about finding the right angle to your press release, we’re talking about finding the major point of your story to make it ‘newsworthy’ and interesting to the readers, journalists or editors.

As mentioned in our ‘8 key ingredients to craft the perfect media release’ infographic, 100% of journalists say that having an interesting angle is more important than the information provided. They are more interested on how the story can capture their readers’ interest than just receiving info without context.

To stand out from the many other companies trying to compete with you for the attention of your readers, you need to do something really special and with an interesting angle. However, finding the best angle to your press release lays in the basis of your business success. [Tweet This]

When trying to find the perfect news anglefor your release, it is sometimes best to take a step back and look at your organisation to identify the greatest points about your organisation that makes it newsworthy. 

Ask yourself; Does your product or service make or save money? What’s your point of difference? Can you tie your release in with the current news? Have stats been released that support what you do? Does it have an impact on society?

It is important however, to keep your press release focused. You need to get your message across quickly and clearly. Don’t add anything that isn’t necessary to your story.

And try to keep it at a single page or less (about 500 words or less – you don’t want to lose your readers attention). 

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