Adding Value & Personality to your Press Release


We do say in our ‘Watch your language!’ article that you must write with professionalism and think like a reporter, however there is always ways to add value and personality to your story. One of the biggest ways is by using quotes.

Using good quotations in your story not only adds value and personality but also adds integrity to your message.

Quotes are used when you cite someone. This person can be an expert; your director of research, your CEO, a representative. It’s best to have someone with authority on the manner.[Tweet This]

When choosing to use quotations, the best place to include them would be in the second paragraph and should be the core of the paragraph. If you’re choosing to include another quotation in your release, this should be in the later paragraphs.

When including quotes in your press release, make them worth it. Use the quotes to point out how your product/service meets your customer’s needs and benefits them.

Avoid using jargons and keep the language conversational as they are more believable. 

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