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“We chose Medianet because we wanted to increase the response rates of our media alerts. This proved to be a right decision.”
Case Studies
AUSVEG gains global attention with Medianet's Multimedia News Release
How using Multimedia News Release made such a difference in a community project
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  • News headlines
    • Vatican firefighters to help Italy quake   |  
    • Online learning centres `a Trojan horse'   |  
    • Public meetings over Havelock North water   |  
    • Gunmen attack American university in Kabul   |  
    • QLD woman dies after being thrown from car   |  
    • Watford complete Janmaat deal   |  
    • Trump cops barrage from singer Cher   |  
    • Feigen admits lying about Lochte incident   |  
    • Wall Street flat, with all eyes on Fed   |  
    • NSW man charged with grooming   |